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Our Gold website design package includes all of the features of the bronze and silver package but also includes installation of various scripts, more pages and advanced guidance on how to increase your sites potential.
Our current Gold price starts at £3700. The price can vary depending on what scripts need coding, contact us for an accurate quote.

Web Package Features

Web DesignPhp / Mysql / CGI Scripting
If your project requires advanced features then its almost certain that either PHP or CGI scripting will be required. We will look at what scripts are already avaliable on the internet and see if they can be alterd to suit your projects needs. If one cant be found then we can have one coded up for you.

Web DesignE-commerce / Shopping Cart
Our Gold website package can if required include a highly sophicited ecommerce facility that no only allows you to sell your products online but offers an array of extra features to help your shop grow. Discount codes, customer statisitcs, Automatic VAT calculation, Invoices, multiple currencies and much, much more can all be controlled via your very own secure admin area.

Web DesignDesign
2.6 seconds, this is the time you have when someone visits your website from a search engine to grab their attention. A good design will accomplish this. Fail to acheive this and its shown that the user will simple press their browsers back button and visit the next site on the search engines list.
We will work with your company logo, colours, theme and generate a site that not only looks visually stunning but will keep your visitor interested browsing your site.

website TrackingTracking / Statistics

We install Google Analyitics on your website. This allows you to do indepth analysis of your website visitors. where in the world are they based? what site were they looking at before yours? Did they find your site via a search engine and if so which one and what words did they type in to find you? All this and many other features allow you to unlock more potential with your website.


Site MapSite Map

A site map is as the name suggests a map or directory of your website and all its pages. We will create one of these for you and submit it to Google. This allows google to find all of your pages and include them in its directory.

Search Engine OptimisationSearch Engine optimisation (SEO)
SEO is a key part in website design, if you fail to include it then the changes of anyone finding your site via a search engine is slim. We will include on page optimisation for all your website. This includes looking at what products or services you offer and then looking at what words people search for that are related to your business. We then see how many people search for these specific words per month and how many other websites are already out their competing for this traffic. We then reccomend which words to choose and keyword your site for these.

E-mail DomainDomain and e-mail
We will register your choice of .com or .net domain (e.g. www.yourcompany.com) and can set up to 30 e-mail address. (e.g. contact@yourcompany.com). Each account also includes POP3 or IMAP access. This allows you to set your e-mail up on your favourite e-mail client (e.g.Microsoft outlook or iphone). We also include a webmail system allowing you to check you e-mail from any computer in the world.

Webspace HostingHosting ( Webspace / Bandwith)
Everytime somebody visits your website it uses a little bit of bandwith. Some companys set a monthly limit on how much bandwith your site can use and will either shut down your site or charge you if you go over this limit. At Sheffield Design Services we want your website to thrive and attract as many people as possible. This is why we have NO BANDWITH LIMITATION. We also know that sites grow as they get older, often clients want to add extra pages and more information. When you do this you use more webspace, again many other companys restrict this thus restricting your website potential. We do not see the benefit in restricting our clients so we also offer UNLIMITED WEBSPACE.

Content Management SystemContent Management System (CMS)
Updating your website couldnt be easier. All our website come with a very easy to use content management system or CMS. This allows you to update a page on your website without any website design knowledge. If you have basic skills in using microsoft word or a similar product you should be fine with our CMS system. This means you dont need to contact us to update your website and in turn lower your website running costs!

Compare Website Packages

Custom Website Design: Designing a layout that is custom to you and your business.

  • EconomyBronzeSilverGold

  • Content Management System: Update the content of the website yourself without any web design knowledge!

    • EconomyBronzeSilverGold

Website Pages: How many pages we will create.You can add more yourself via the admin area.

  • EconomyBronzeSilverGold
  • 041020


Google Analytics: The ability to track who visits your website, where they come from and much more.

  • EconomyBronzeSilverGold

  • YourCompany.com Domain: 1 years registration of your chosen domain.

    • EconomyBronzeSilverGold

    • Unlimited Bandwith and Webspace: No penalty fees guranteed.

      • EconomyBronzeSilverGold

      • 48 Hour Setup: Most packages can be set up within a week but the economy package can sometimes be online within a hour!

        • EconomyBronzeSilverGold

        • Email addresses set up: This is how many you@yourcompany.com we will set up for you.

          • EconomyBronzeSilverGold
          • 151030

          • Image gallery: The ability to show your images in a Image gallery / photo album .

            • EconomyBronzeSilverGold

          E-commerce: Sell products via your website. Print of invoices and check orders via an admin area.

          • EconomyBronzeSilverGold

          On Page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Your site will be optimised to help it show up in google, yahoo etc

          • EconomyBronzeSilverGold

          Phone Techincal Support: We will do our best to answer all your questions.

          • EconomyBronzeSilverGold

          E-mail Techincal Support: All e-mails are replied to within 48hours.

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