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One aspect of website design and advert design that is often overlooked is product photography.
Product photography is a tricky but very rewarding art. A correctly taken photo with adequate and correctly angled lighting can show a product in a detailed and inviting manour. Due to the primarily 2D media of magazines and websites, a quality picture that brings the product to life is a must for any successful campaign and can give you a significant advantage over your competitors.


David Hickey is our preferred photographer due to his skills, experience and achievements in the photographic field. Winning various photographic awards, David has proven time and time again that he has a keen photographic eye.

Sheffield Photographer


After retraining from a steel industry engineering background in the 80’s, David went back to university to gain a MSc in computer sciences. This meant he was already working in computing as a systems engineer and network manager for Sheffield Hallam University, when digital cameras first arrived on the scene.

Before digital photography, he started out as most people did, with a small automatic film camera taking holiday and family shots, but soon realised the shots he took, looked nothing like the images he was seeing in magazines or nature programs. Thus David decided to learn all he could about photography and photographic lighting techniques.

To date he has had pictures shown on the BBC and has won many trophies for his work. He has been an active member of a local camera club for three years, and winner of Photographer of the Year for the last two years.

David has taught photography in colleges as well as advanced Photoshop and image manipulation techniques.

In 2000 he took a second degree and was awarded a PgCe in adult education.

He now specialises in Portraits, Pets and Product photography, but also very much enjoys landscape and street photography.

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From £10 per hour please contact David for a quote on dmhickey@ymail.com